“CITS Information Technology’s standard of work over the many years we have used them is of the highest quality. Their response time has been exceptional when dealing with our IT issues, either through remote support or in person. They have always been available to discuss our changing technology requirements and have given us professional advice when we needed it. We have seen first hand their business continuity plan in action and are glad to have them.”

Dr. John Augspurger

BioDentist, Denver

“I have worked as a private practice physician for the last 9 years and in that time period we have been through almost 5 IT companies.  Our experience was they offered poor customer service, poor support, high/inconsistent cost and poor outcomes.  It came to a point were our IT support was of paramount importance as it was greatly effecting our productivity and business security.  Not to mention causing a ton of stress and anxiety. That’s when I met Andrew Parkins.  He did a one time consulting job for us and I was impressed from the beginning.  He is personable, honorable, and possesses great integrity.  He did great work for us on this consulting project, so I decided to pay him monthly to totally revamp our IT setup.  I can’t tell you how much this benefitted my clinic.  It was a set monthly fee that was affordable.  On top of that the customer service was amazing.  My IT went from being one of my biggest worries and difficulties as a small business to the easiest part of my business.  Any problems and all we had to do was call.  CITS was always prompt to fix our problems.

If you are considering a new IT consulting company, I highly recommend Andrew Parkins and his team.  They will provide great support and you won’t regret this decision.
Thanks Andrew for all you have done for our business over the last two years.”

Dr. Kyle Morgan

Star Spine and Sport


“We first contracted CITS to move our servers.  This progressed to the expansion of them covering all aspects of our IT department.  CITS manages our network and the security is top notch.  Our computers are always up to date and our requests are always addressed.  We get personalized service 24/7, most of which is behind the scene.  I respect and admire their promptness and reliability to resolve issues.  CITS’ technical expertise is exactly what we need.”

Gail Spencer

Colorado Pool Systems and Piranha Industries

Frank Madrid at Summit Management

“When we first thought about having our own server and realized we needed someone with technical expertise to guide us and help us realize the full potential of our systems We went with a larger firm in the metro area. What we got from them is an expensive hardware setup and outrageous billing. Think of an attorney who nickels and dimes you on every phone call, email etc.

Although we worried about making a change a 5k bill one month forced us to realize that we were never going to be able to afford to stay with them.

We interviewed 4 vendors and chose to go with CITS. What we have now is a tight system that they keep on top of, gives us guidance on what we need to plan for in the future. They are always willing to tackle any project we come up with if it is within their scope of work, will help us control costs, will tell us when it’s best to go with the higher priced quote and when we can get the same service/product cheaper.

Paying for a flashy firm with a big office didn’t work for us. Were a small company. With CITS, we get the help we need when we need it.”

Frank Madrid

Summit Management and Consulting