Server Virtualization

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What Is Server Virtualization?

Server virtualization is the usage of specialized software to create multiple partitions or instances on a single server that then act as completely separate computers. These partitions or “virtual machines” are able to run their own operating systems with their own unique settings.

Before server virtualization existed, it was customary to run various applications separately on their own physical servers as each would need different configurations or simply its own machine to run smoothly. However, this was a waste of resources and often led to overcrowded server rooms that used up a lot of power and space.

When we set up server virtualization in your server hardware, we maximize the processing power in your servers; it helps reduce the space and amount of hardware needed and offers several redundancy solutions to eliminate the danger of downtime.
Virtual environments also make it extremely easy to back up, clone, and deploy new servers within minutes. We can now easily do something that used to take many hours of IT time and thousands of dollars in new hardware.