Cyber Security Monitoring

Hackers and identify thieves don’t strike when you’re looking. As expert opportunists, cyber criminals work hard to find when you’re not ready for an attack, and then they strike. You have to be ready at all times and be constantly vigilant to guard yourself from these attacks. CITS takes on this task for you, providing your company with 24/7 Cyber Security monitoring as a part of our complete Cyber Security strategy. We maintain the health of your system and monitor its performance to detect any abnormalities the moment they occur and stop problems immediately.

CITS’s Network Operations Center (NOC) manages your security, forming a focused team dedicated to your complete Cyber Security plan. With a managed NOC protecting your company, vulnerabilities cyber criminals can take advantage of will be addressed and corrected. Constant, systematic monitoring is one of the best proactive measures as well as reactive measures. The managed NOC performs regular security alert response checks, monitors network events, updates, patches, sever logs and the performance of your system. If your system is vulnerable, the NOC will detect at-risk areas. If an attack occurs, the NOC will find the problem, isolate it and enact a contingency plan.

CITS includes monitoring for:


  • Security alerts & incident response
  • Network event
  • Windows server log
  • Application event
  • Server performance
  • Server patch compliance
  • Endpoint event / performance
  • Identity access management : monitoring / alerting
  • Data loss
  • IDS / IPS / Web filter maintenance
  • Executive dashboard security reporting