CITS Information Technology

CITS Information Technology (and its predecessor companies) has provided IT support services to businesses of all sizes since 1999. We have a wealth of experience that has given us an in-depth understanding of the specific needs and challenges companies often face in relation to IT management. We understand that for businesses with limited internal IT expertise, it can be a struggle to keep up with their more tech-savvy counterparts, making it extraordinarily difficult to compete in an increasingly hostile and malware-filled digital environment.

Our Comprehensive Plan was developed to address these specific IT needs, helping businesses to close the IT gap between what small businesses can afford and their competitors. It allows small businesses to compete more effectively in the modern IT environment. The plan provides exceptional value by leveraging best-in-class technology and processes and North American based talent at a cost that is affordable to most businesses. We place a full IT department at your fingertips. Our Comprehensive Plan allows you to focus on building a successful business while our technicians and engineers focus on the technology aspect that your business absolutely needs to perform.

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Is the CITS Comprehensive Plan designed for a fully managed IT support model?

The CITS Comprehensive Plan is a fully managed IT service plan. It is ideal for businesses that lack in-house IT staffing, as it provides you with a full IT team on a fully outsourced basis. Outsourcing your IT management to CITS Information Technology is a cost-effective way of bringing in the technology expertise your business needs to compete effectively in today’s world. By handing over IT management to our technicians, you no longer have to worry about fixing technology glitches yourself—you gain valuable time that you can invest in your business.

You also gain access to cutting-edge technology insights through our on-call support technicians, who will empower you with the knowledge you need to take your IT strategy to the next level.

Does the CITS Comprehensive Plan include cybersecurity?

Unlike the CITS Premium Plan, the CITS Comprehensive Plan was not designed as a managed plan for cybersecurity service for businesses. However, the Comprehensive Plan does strengthen your security posture through our timely patching of installed software. Our Premium Plan includes cybersecurity support and makes your business resilient by including backup and recovery support. This makes your business less vulnerable to data loss from events like ransomware attacks.

Although a multi-layered cybersecurity defense is an absolute requirement in the modern business world, CITS Information Technology recognizes that some clients prefer to manage their own cybersecurity solutions internally. Therefore, we designed our Comprehensive Plan to accommodate businesses that require services to manage their IT infrastructure and users, but who do not require managed cybersecurity services. On the other hand, our Premium Plan was designed as a combined cybersecurity managed IT package to meet the holistic IT services needs of most customers. Our managed cybersecurity plans are another great option for businesses that are seeking state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions and services.

Does CITS Information Technology offer strategic IT assessments?

Beyond the IT Management Support and Planning included in the CITS Comprehensive Plan, CITS Information Technology also offers a sizeable range of strategic IT assessments. Our strategic assessments are performed on an as needed basis by a CITS Information Technology Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO), an experienced professional who possesses an in-depth understanding of technology and business, and how the two intersect. Strategic assessments are aimed at assisting customers to better understand their IT infrastructure and ways to manage it optimally to achieve strategic business goals.

For example, a cybersecurity assessment helps you to identify vulnerabilities that weaken your business’ security posture, as well as corresponding security solutions that will help to address those cybersecurity vulnerabilities. To provide another example, our IT spend assessment helps businesses gain control of their IT spending by identifying any areas of redundant or excessive spend (e.g., unused software licenses, application subscription fees that exceed benchmarks, and so on). Based on the findings of the IT spend assessment, the vCIO will provide you with aligned recommendations for specific actions you can take to reduce your overall IT costs. Other areas of assessment include cyber resilience, business applications, IT organization, and IT strategy.

Does CITS Information Technology support companies that use Apple devices? How about Linux?

Yes, we regularly serve and support ALL common IT environments, whether your computers run Microsoft software (Windows client and Server), MacOS, and Linux operating systems and software.

We Provide Live Help

While many IT companies go out of their way to avoid live interactions, we encourage you to talk to us whenever you need. As a Managed IT Service Provider in San Diego and Denver, we always answer our phones. It is very important to us that your call is answered by a live human being in our office and directed to the appropriate resource to resolve your issue. If you submit your request online, it will receive the same priority handling as calling us.