Managing IT security is an ongoing process. Data is the heart of any business, and compromises are unacceptable. CITS’ security solutions rely on best-practices, years of experience, and monitoring that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. To ensure data is free from compromise, CITS’ experts know what to do in case of a security breach, and more importantly, how to prevent one.

CITS offers an array of security services with multiple layers of protection to keep data secure. Starting with a Vulnerability Assessment, we are able to diagnose how secure a network is, and what should be done to improve the security posture.

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We Provide Live Help

While many IT companies go out of their way to avoid live interactions, we encourage you to talk to us whenever you need. As a Managed IT Service Provider in San Diego and Denver, we always answer our phones. It is very important to us that your call is answered by a live human being in our office and directed to the appropriate resource to resolve your issue. If you submit your request online, it will receive the same priority handling as calling us.