Fully Managed IT Services Provider in Denver, CO

CITS is a Managed IT Service Provider (MSP) with clients throughout the United States and offices in  San Diego and Denver.  We specialize in meeting the needs of small to medium-sized businesses. Our clients outsource their technology needs to us so they can focus on their core business including network securityransomware containment, and cyber security support. When you use CITS as your managed IT service and support provider, we work on keeping your business constantly up-to-date with the latest relevant technological innovations. We also partner with the best-in-class technology vendors to ensure that your technology software and hardware are well maintained. We provide disaster-recovery services and related support so that your data can be speedily restored in the event that is needed so your business can operate with minimum interruption.

Managed IT

As a premier IT support and consulting practice, CITS stands ready to deliver on-demand and project-based IT services and support to businesses in Denver, Colorado and San Diego, California.

Managed IT
Cyber Security – Support

Cyber Security – Support

Controlled, secure, consistent cyber security monitoring is your best defense against data breaches, information lock-downs and security threats.

Ransomware – Protection

Ransomware has evolved along a third axis, as well: the extortion-like business model threat actors use to force payment from victims.

Ransomware – Protection
Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365

Supporting Microsoft 365 because it has all the applications that you’re used to with even more features and usability at a more affordable price point.

Cloud Services

CITS offers Microsoft Online Services, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS), Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) to help organizations reduce capital investments and ensure productivity.

Cloud Services

Holistic Approach to IT

We can guide you through many different scenarios including company growth, new locations, changing employees, while also providing security and Microsoft 365 support for your staff.

Identifying and Supporting Your Goals

CITS is a Managed IT Service Provider. We specialize in meeting the needs of small to medium-sized businesses.  Our clients outsource their technology needs to us so they can focus on their core business.

  • Virtual offices

  • Remote employees

  • Video conferencing

  • Virtual events

  • VPN/Security

Identifying and Supporting Your Goals

Proactive Planning, Consulting and Reporting Services

  • Baseline Strategic IT Assessment

  • Quarterly Business Review with Health Score & Metrics Analysis

  • Business IT Alignment and Roadmap

  • Support Services including Microsoft 365

  • Unlimited Live Help Desk

  • Unlimited Emergency On-site Response

  • Access to Microsoft Top Tier Support

  • Scheduled Dedicated Engineer (On-site or Remote)

  • Support for User Adds, Removes and Changes

  • Support for User Applications and Hardware

  • Support for Data Restore from Backup

Proactive Cyber Security Services

Proactive Cyber Security Services

  • Advanced Endpoint Security Software (Win/Mac)

  • Managed Ransomware, Phishing and Malware Protection

  • Managed Endpoint Zero-day Threat Protection

  • World-wide Threat Intelligence AI Network Integration

  • Ransomware Containment

  • Automated Malware Remediation

  • Managed Vulnerability Scanning

  • Managed Windows OS Patching

  • Managed Microsoft App Patching

  • Managed Third Party Application Patching

24x7x365 Proactive System Monitoring Services

24x7x365 Proactive System Monitoring Services

  • Unlimited Upkeep Maintenance
  • Microsoft Windows Servers, Physical and Virtual

  • PCs and Virtual Desktops

  • Supported Firewalls, Physical and Virtual

  • Supported Switching

  • Supported Storage Area Network Hardware

  • Supported Cloud Platforms and Hypervisors

  • Supported Backup Systems

  • Supported UPS Systems

  • Monitoring of Supported Mission-Critical Network Hardware

IT Inventory Management and Tracking Services

  • Managed IT Asset Tracking
  • Managed Software Licensing and Subscription Tracking

  • Managed Hardware Warranty Tracking

  • Managed Domain Name Services

  • Managed Secure Password Database

We Provide Live Help

While many IT companies go out of their way to avoid live interactions, we encourage you to talk to us whenever you need. As a trusted Managed IT Service Provider, we always answer our phones. It is very important to us that your call is answered by a live human being in our office and directed to the appropriate resource to resolve your issue. If you submit your request online, it will receive the same priority handling as calling us.